Horizons restaurant now fully booked for Ladies Day with Jess Glynne. Still want to join us in our hospitality or restaurant area? Don't worry...places are still available in our Ringside & Sunbeam restaurant & hospitality boxes (limited availability).

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Rewarding Passion

Of those who pour their souls into the sport.

Owners And Trainers

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Complimentary Meal

At Wolverhampton Racecourse, Owners and Trainers can expect to receive a meal voucher upon arrival. This can be redeemed in the Owners & Trainers bar in the Cleveland Suite on the first floor. This is in addition to the benefits detailed in the full ARC policy which is linked below.

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Owners and Trainers

View ARC's full Owners and trainers policy across all of our racecourses.

View Policy
Equine Welfare

View ARC's Equine Welfare policy across all of our racecourses.

View Policy

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