Jockeys racing past the grandstand.
Jockeys racing past the grandstand.
The Story So Far

To see how far things have come since racing started at Dunstall Park.

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History Of Wolverhampton Racecourse
Wolverhampton Racecourse is owned by Arena Racing Company, the largest racecourse operator in the UK. Racing began in Wolverhampton in 1825 and moved to the current racecourse site in 1888, the first race meeting being held on 13 August. We are proud that in 1994, HRH Queen Elizabeth II re-opened the new Wolverhampton Racecourse. Britain's first floodlit racecourse, Wolverhampton Racecourse now welcome 120,000 visitors each year across 80 race fixtures, music live events and conferences.
Bar counter inside the Holiday Inn at Wolverhampton Racecourse.

Major Investment

In 2014, a major investment into a new high-performance Tapeta track was completed, a surface that wasn’t yet used in Great Britain. After a three month resurfacing period, the racecourse opened for business again with our first meeting on the Tapeta track, receiving excellent reviews from jockeys, trainers, owners and racegoers.

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Free standing bar in the centre course at Wolverhampton Racecourse.

Not Just Racing

With bars, restaurants, onsite hotel and a busy conference and exhibition centre, Wolverhampton Racecourse isn’t limited just to the track. Established as one of the regions most experienced venues, there is far more to this location than meets the eye.

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