All horse racing fixtures in Great Britain will continue behind closed doors under review with stringent safety measures in place until further notice. Unfortunately owners will not be permitted to attend meetings for which they have a runner at. Visit the news section for the latest information.

Group of ladies holding champagne glasses, attending races.
Group of ladies holding champagne glasses, attending races.
The Biggest Decision Of The Day

What to wear at the races.

Dress Code

What To Wear To The Race At Wolverhampton
Part of the spectacle of the races is being able to dress for the occasion, so deciding what to wear to the races is a big decision. We have some guides below of what to expect when attending Wolverhampton Racecourse.

What Not To Wear - Sports shirts, offensive t-shirts, ripped jeans and casual shorts are not permitted. Management reserves the right to deny entry if any of your party are dressed inappropriately.

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