Color Obstacle RushSaturday 27th May 2017

20 obstacles, 8 colour stations, 25 music zones, a chill out area, ‘colour from the sky’ and color festivals… and much more!

The Color Obsctacle Rush is a unique event combining the fun of colour powdered runs, the thrill of an obstacle course and the atmosphere of a music festival.

There will be bunch of new inflatables to slide, bounce, tumble and get tangled up in, (with colour stations inside some of them), a sponge ball ocean, some space hopper racing, water balloon fights and plenty of other surprises we don’t want to give out just yet!

Over 200,000 participants have taken part since 2014! Make 2017 the year you become a ‘Rusher’…

Admission Packages

From 1 Dec to 18 Jan – £34.50 per person

From 19 Jan to 26 Apr – £38.50 per person

From 27 Apr to 25 May – £42.50 per person